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대화엔지니어링 남부총판 홈페이지 오픈... [2006-10-30]
1. Magnetic Level Switch - Holizontal magnetic Level Switch - Vertical magnetic Level Switch
2. Self-Powered content gauge
3. Submersible Hydrostatic level transmitter
4. Ultrasonic suspended solids density monitoring and control
5. Ultrasonic liquid level transmitter
6. Level & Flow control for the water industry
7. Ultrasonic liquid level detection systems
8. Ultrasonic liquid level switch
9. Vibrating fork point level measurement
10. 2 wire 24V loop powered ultrasonic level transmitter
11. Non-contacting rader level transmitter
12. Displacer level transmitter
13. Intelligent Gauge pressure transmitter
14. Pressure & Hydrostatic level transmitter
15. Viscomaster HFO viscosity transmitter
16. Visconic industrial viscosity transmitter
17. Self averaging pitot flowmeter for gas, liquids and steam flows
18. Positive displacement flowmeter
19. Variable area flowmeters
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